Conservation Management Essex

conservation services essex

With qualifications in conversation management at Post Graduate level Taiga Trees are able to undertake any management tasks. With a high level of understanding we can reach your objectives with the least amount of environmental disturbance possible.

Our conservation/land management services include, but are not limited to:

- Woodland Management
- Coppicing
- Scrub Control
- Ride Management
- Felling Services
- Pond Creation
- Boardwalk/Bridge Construction
- Mowing Services
- Flail Mulching
- Planting Hedges/Woodland/Single Trees
- Ditches, bridleways and Footpaths
- Fencing- Small and Large Scale, Deer/Stock Fencing
- Deer Control – We are also able to offer deer control services, from advice to implementation of deer control

Please call 01245 421777 for more information or alternatively send us an email here.

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